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The A3 Cabriolet is a four-seater and space for those in the front is good, but the rear seats are less usable. Fit and finish of the interior is impeccable and the materials used are more expensive than those in a VW Golf Cabriolet. Thanks to a fabric roof instead of a metal one, the A3 Cabriolet has a decent boot too.

Removing the roof of a car has a negative impact on ride and handling, but the A3 Cabriolet  does a good job of minimising body roll and the inherent shakiness of cars of this type. The fabric roof provides good noise isolation even at high speeds.

Another benefit of the Audi badge is the great range of engines it brings. From a very frugal 1.6-litre diesel to an impressively fast 2.0-litre petrol in the S3 Cabriolet. Our pick would be the 1.4-litre petrol for it’s mix of talents.

Being a premium convertible, the Audi gets plenty of equipment as standard. Entry-level cars come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, DAB digital radio for the eight-speaker stereo and air-conditioning.


The rest of the Audi A3 line-up has been praised for bringing a high-class feel to the entry-level premium car market, and the A3 Cabriolet shares that quality.

This means you get machined metal knobs, soft dashboard plastics, swathes of silver trim and white LED displays. The cloth roof comes in two versions: SE models (that’s Audi-speak for entry level) get a normal cloth roof, and Sport and S-Line versions get an ‘acoustic’ roof that keeps more noise out of the cabin. It’s also available as an option on the SE. All roof options can be opened and closed in 18 seconds at speeds of up to 31mph.

Audi A3 Cabriolet passenger space

Most critics say that the A3 Cabriolet is a lovely place to sit if you’re in the front, but a cramped experience for people in the rear two seats, where legroom and shoulder-room are at a premium.

The front seats are large, comfortable and four-way adjustable so a good driving position is almost guaranteed while the front passenger can stretch their legs. Slightly thicker A-pillars than in the regular A3 take a way some of the all-round visibility, but it’s still better than a BMW 2 Series.

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