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Rent a Car Ialysos Rhodes – Ancient City of Ialysos

Rent a Car Ialysos Rhodes. Ialysos or Trianta is one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes. Today, it is the most famous tourist resort with hotels, restaurants, shops and places for entertainment. Ialysos is situated 9 km from Rhodes and 7 km from the airport. It offers endless organized beaches with deep blue waters and cool summer climate. Ialysos is a unique place for wind-kite surfing activities.

Every year, the local municipality organizes a festival “Ialyssia” which is held during the first half of August with traditional local dances performed by local dance groups and by groups from all over Greece and abroad.

The Ancient city of Ialysos is extended around the hill of Filerimos. The ancient city was completely ruined when the Turks attacked. By the 20th century the island was under the rule of Italians which they rebuilt the Monastery. On the opposite side of the archeological area there is the path “Golgothas’’, Christ’s Passions, that leads to a 17 meters cross. From the top of this cross you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Aegean.

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