What kind of insurance can offer me a car rental company? What should I choose? What should I be careful about? These are some of the questions that you have, when you intend to rent a car.

First of all, there is the simple insurance. If the driver causes an accident on his own responsibility, then he must pay compensation for the damage he caused in the rented vehicle. In addition, there is the fully comprehensive insurance. If the driver causes an accident on his own responsibility, then the insurance company will pay for the damage. In this case there is always a small amount (percentage) of participation for the driver. This amount is called excess.

The driver shall choose an insurance company with a small percentage of excess participation.

Be careful with companies that promise you the non-payment of any exemption amount and finally find reasons from the Highway Code (KOK), so that the driver pays. It’s definitely better to be informed in advance about the amount that you will pay if something happens.

Be also very careful with companies that offer you a very cheap rental price per day, if it does not include a fully comprehensive insurance (damage waiver) or if the percentage of participation is too high, with the result that the customer pays per day, in order to reduce the exemption amount.

If you’re not currently insured, you’ll need to at least buy liability coverage from the rental company before you hit the road. Otherwise, rental insurance isn’t legally required — which is not to say it can’t help. If any of the following scenarios apply, the extra protection provided by rental insurance is worth considering:

  • Your current policy doesn’t have comprehensive and collision coverage
  • You’re only insured under a commercial car insurance policy
  • You don’t want to risk paying a high deductible

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